IT Talent Management – Building Your Bench

By Jack Connelly

Today’s digital age is driven by the cloud, with everything and everyone connected, and a demand for fast, immediate access to technology. Many CIOs consider finding and retaining the right talent to be their biggest challenge and managing that talent in a “do more with less” economy is equally daunting.

There are no easy fixes. Training an IT team properly takes an investment from companies in the form of both time and capital. Once an employee is welcomed into their career with this culture of caring and lifelong learning, we find the employees are both highly engaged and satisfied.

How do we do this? In addition to the core values of our company and culture, our training in the form of an “Academy Model”,  is our sixth man off the bench. Talent Management

Secure-24 uses this Academy Model to help attract new hires straight-out-of-college, and to military personnel recently transitioned to civilian life. Our academy provides 18-24 months of on-the-job training that results in an employee that has garnered multiple professional certifications, as well as, customer support experience.

More and more, IT companies must be customer service companies, and we engrain the ideal of customer service starting on day one. At the end of 24 months, these employees move to other teams within Secure-24: everything from a Network Administrator, a Microsoft Systems Administrator, to an SAP or Oracle database administrator.

Our academy model training program is one of the best in the industry and consistently develops outstanding engineers and provides exceptional opportunities for our associates to grow their career at Secure-24. It’s all about career mobility and keeping employees engaged.

Our Engineers are able to research the latest trends and work with the newest technology. In addition to all of the hands-on training, Secure-24 strongly supports external and industry-specific training and certification programs, allowing employees the opportunity to improve the breadth and depth of their technical expertise, while gaining invaluable industry experience.

In a recent IDC Peerscape Talent Management report, entitled Talent Management Practices for IT BenchSecure-24’s approach to talent management is noted amongst the strategies of other enterprises. We believe that our academy model is the best sixth man in the industry and our retention rate of 95% is proof!