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A Complement to Our Foundational Offering

Secure-24 provides a variety of services to complement our foundational offering. Clients can benefit from a comprehensive IT solution that includes infrastructure, managed hosting and specialized teams or choose to outsource a component of your IT needs.

Never compromise security again.

Our Application Security Services ensure you have complete control over your systems, and can manage, view and monitor it at all times.  For us, streamlining your operations and adopting the latest technologies shouldn’t compromise your security – and with our security solutions you can rest assured your applications will always be safe and running smoothly.

Security also extends to mobility.  With the fast growing need for tablets and smartphones, Secure-24 also offers mobile management so that you can get information instantly on your devices without worrying about security.

Doing business with faster, better IT.

Secure-24 also offers testing environments for development and quality assurance.  Clients can partner with us to utilize fully secure and maintained servers for developing applications. Beyond testing, we also help clients host and maintain custom web-based and legacy applications.  No matter what your system is, we can provide a highly available and secure environment or your data — managed by experts and with complete transparency.

Our Business Process Outsourcing solutions are designed to increase business efficiency with services such as JobRouter and DocuWare. These services help business manage documents, track statuses and find information quickly.

Secure-24’s hosted desktops solution offers clients a way to manage hundreds of end-user devices while lowering IT administration and operating costs.  Companies can benefit from rapid deployment, improved data security and disaster recovery, centralized storage and backup and numerous other factors.


To discuss how Secure-24 can help you create a safe, secure roadmap to a more efficient, scalable and secure IT environment, Contact Us today at 1-800-332-0076.

Secure-24 is a premier provider of managed IT operations, hosting and cloud services, providing highly available environments and expert management and support for your business critical applications.