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SAP Mobility: Sybase Hosting & Management

The proliferation of mobile devices and the need to access enterprise-critical applications on these devices make a sound enterprise mobility solution vital.

Data security considerations, the need to control costs and the growing complexity of the computing done on mobile devices means your mobile management strategy must be secure, scalable and flexible enough to accommodate this fast evolving business environment.

Sybase Unwired Platform Solution Management.

The Sybase® Unwired Platform (SUP) provides the middleware between the core business applications and the predominantly available business oriented mobile devices. Communications data can be cached within the SUP platform and SUP/device synchronizations use technology that is compatible with the target mobile platform.

Secure-24 offers a fully managed SUP Solution to help customers integrate their core business functions with their mobile devices. With Secure-24′s SUP Solution Management, Secure-24 manages the SUP landscape, thus enabling IT management to focus on delivering value-added business application services.

The Secure-24 Private Cloud SUP infrastructure offers a flexible architecture designed to meet the needs of those just getting started with mobile computing as well as those demanding a highly available, scalable environment that will support hundreds of devices and many back-end systems.

Secure-24 SUP Solution Management includes:

  • Scalable SUP Infrastructure
  • SUP Platform Monitoring
  • SUP Platform Management
  • Sybase Afaria Solution

Sybase Afaria works together with the SUP platform to provide a complete mobile application and device management solution. While SUP provides the middleware to the back-end systems and data management with the end-user devices, Afaria provides management and security of the end-user devices themselves.

In addition to SUP management, Secure-24 offers flexible hosting services for Afaria combined with full device management services. Alternatively, customers may already have expertise in device management and Secure-24 will provide the hosting facilities to ensure that the Afaria service remains highly available to support the customer managed devices.

Afaria powered device management services.

  • Mobile Device Asset Management
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Mobile Device Configuration Management
  • Mobile Device Expense Management
  • Mobile Device Support Management

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