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Certified, secure, and compliant private cloud computing for SAP

Cloud computing has had a dramatic impact on the way in which IT operates in today’s dynamic corporate environment. Secure-24′s SAP Center of Excellence has years of experience supporting SAP implementations that enable the business to take full advantage of their SAP systems. In our continuing effort to support SAP and integrate next-generation technology, Secure-24 was among the first partners to be certified by SAP as a provider of cloud services. Secure-24′s cloud infrastructure, security features, operational processes, and technical staff were examined and tested by SAP to validate the operational integrity of our cloud-computing platform, meeting SAP’s standards for quality, availability and security.

To ensure the security of customer implementations, Secure-24 operates SAP in a private cloud environment, which is custom-designed to meet the customer’s unique business requirements, provides on-demand service and elastic capacity, and incorporates the highest standards of security, compliance, and availability.

Secure-24’s cloud services for the SAP environment provide customers with an on-demand infrastructure model, including SAP software, hardware, and networking components. Adopting a cloud computing strategy for SAP helps customers achieve a high level of business agility and cost reduction, and also provides a pathway for future growth.

Secure-24’s SAP cloud installations run in our state-of-the-art data centers, which incorporate leading technology from industry partners such as Cisco, EMC and VMware. Secure-24 custom-builds its own premier data centers, which allows us to design them in accordance with the most rigorous construction guidelines and incorporate the highest levels of standards compliance.

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