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Ensuring Mobile Security: An In-Depth Look into Data Protection

Protecting our property, possessions, identity, children, and now our data is a big job. We can insure our property and our possessions to minimize the risk of loss. We can insure our children; of course that doesn’t minimize the risk of losing them, it just shields against financial loss. (more…)

Oracle Exalytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

Information overload might be a thing of the past. While most companies are virtually swimming, if not drowning in information, companies using Oracle Exalytics are leveraging their enormous quantities of data as the raw material to make better decisions. (more…)

Applying SAP HANA for Better Business Decisions

In-memory computing, which is the technology forming the base of SAP HANA, is one of the most promising advances in analytics and decision-making since Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball debated the correct way to build a data warehouse. (more…)

Mobile Device Management for SAP

Mobile computing devices are everywhere and they are multi-purpose. iPhone, iPad, Android, and many other devices handle both personal and professional communications. (more…)