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IT Outsourcing & Migration to Cloud Saves $20 Million

A Global Financial Institution migrates their entire IT environment from UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and a Secure-24 hosted private cloud with an estimated cost savings of $20 Million.

Large-scale Enterprise Platform Migration Delivers Dividend

A $6 billion dollar global financial institution became an independent entity in a divestiture and had to map a path for IT separation from its $55 billion dollar parent corporation. The Transition Service Agreement (TSA) gave the new company just 10 months to become a free standing entity. The business goals for the company included lowering their operating costs and developing a new business model that would increase speed to market for new products and accelerate the on boarding process for new clients.

Please note, this case study is an abbreviated version of the original. For the full version, please view IT Outsourcing & Migration to Cloud Saves Financial Institution $20 Million (PDF).


Careful consideration went into the decision to migrate the entire infrastructure to a Secure-24 private cloud – and change from the existing IBM AIX /WebSphere platform to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with JBoss as a J2E container.

Secure-24 migrated several hundred application and database servers running over 1,200 internal and external facing web and mission-critical applications, including SAP, to an open source stack delivering an agile and flexible IT environment and a savings of $20 million.

Opportunity to Change the Model

Management also took the opportunity presented by the platform change to rethink the policies, processes and technology decisions that had previously been dictated to the organization by the parent company. Because of the tight timelines dictated by the TSA, that ongoing development of new policies and procedures occurred in parallel with the migration. Secure-24’s implementation teams worked closely with the organization to manage those changes, mitigate risk and keep the project on schedule.

Migration time was significantly shortened and elastic capacity scaling requirements were easily met with the Red Hat Network Satellite management platform and the virtualization, enterprise SAN, and leading cloud technology of a service provider hosted private cloud.

Private Cloud / Multi-data Center Deployment Model

The new environment meets the company’s security, availability, performance, and scalability requirements and the active/active deployment of 100’s of web services in a multi-data center model delivers the added bonus of integrated disaster recovery.

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