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Endpoint Management

A Single Point of Control

You may have hundreds or even thousands of endpoints that must be configured, deployed, patched, protected and supported. Implementing and managing that process can stretch resources and put pressure on your IT department.

Secure-24 Endpoint Management Suite is a scalable hosted platform that provides a comprehensive and cost-effective method of monitoring and deploying your IT assets.  Boost performance, improve compliance and free your IT teams to more strategic roles that directly align with business objectives.

  • Eliminate expensive hardware upgrades
  • Replace CapEx with OpEx
  • Gain remote anti-virus management
  • Get strategic and immediate access to experts
  • Take advantage of best practices and strategic consulting/planning
  • Flexible solutions from Fully Managed to Endpoint-Management-as-a-Service (EMaaS)

The Secure-24 Endpoint Management Suite is designed to help drive down the cost of IT lifecycle management by providing IT administrators with a single console for intelligent endpoint management across the enterprise:

Real-time visibility and control.

  • See and manage physical and virtual endpoints from a single console
  • Endpoint inventory, assessment, audit, and categorization
  • Automate delivery of updates and enforcement of corporate policies
  • Categorize and control actions by endpoint configuration or user type
  • Advanced trending and analysis  reporting
  • Many best practices and reports supplied out-of-box

Cost efficiency.

  • Manage all endpoints regardless of location, status, or type
  • Automating time-intensive tasks and simplified deployment
  • Reducing risk, lower costs and complexity, and support compliance
  • Hibernate PCs and monitors for power conservation

Patching, protection, and compliance.

  • Maintain up-to-date protection of physical and virtual endpoints
  • Automate behavior monitoring and awareness
  • Speed remediation and fix vulnerabilities, automatically clean endpoints
  • Continuous enforcement of security configurations and patches
  • Centralized management of threat and firewall protection
  • Automatically manage patches across OS and applications
  • Flexible, real-time  patch monitoring and reporting

To discuss how Secure-24 can help you create a safe, secure roadmap to a more efficient, scalable and secure IT environment, Contact Us today at 1-800-332-0076.