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Next Generation Data Centers

To provide the most flexible platform for innovative IT service delivery, Secure-24 services are delivered from our next generation, award winning data centers. Data centers built with leading technology and specifically designed to meet your enterprise requirements – intelligent, scalable, sustainable and secure.

Multiple data centers that act interchangeably.

Secure-24 employs a multi data center strategy for enhanced business continuity. Data centers that are interconnected work interchangeably so one data center can act as backup recovery/ failover for another to create an integrated disaster recovery solution.

Location. Location. Location.

Secure-24 Data Centers | Enterprise IT Operations, Hosting and Cloud Services

Fiber, power and boring weather. Secure-24 data centers are strategically located for resilient connection to power utilities and a diverse Tier 1 carrier network for the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and performance. Mother nature is also considered. For example, our Michigan data centers are located in one of only two states that have had no major federally declared weather disasters in over 30 years—making this one of the safest locations for a data center.

Agile platform to grow.

From global enterprises to government and industry, a focal point of every successful IT infrastructure lies in the data center. Secure-24 managed services data centers provide a foundation for true transformation and the agility to respond quickly, reliably and effectively to today’s—and tomorrow’s—changing business requirements.

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Secure-24 is a premier provider of managed IT operations, hosting and cloud services, providing highly available environments and expert management and support for your business critical applications.