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A Collaborative Approach to Sourcing

Cosourcing is our philosophy and commitment to working collaboratively with our customers and partners to help them meet their goals. It is fundamental to the way work gets done and relationships are governed - an approach based on cooperation, integrity and transparency. We measure our success – by yours.

We understand that today’s IT managers are facing unprecedented demands to reduce IT costs, demonstrate a return on investments and minimize exposure to risk. At the same time, there is constant pressure to improve service performance and support, deliver new technologies and retain the skilled staff to manage complex applications like SAP. No small task.

Embracing cooperative cosourcing as a business strategy can drive IT innovation, reduce risks and provide greater flexibility and control of your IT outsourcing engagements. 

Technology is changing. Is your company keeping up?

With the technology model constantly evolving, businesses often struggle to adopt the latest synergies and efficiencies.  While cloud computing and mobility are on today’s list, next year could bring an entirely new set of advancements to accelerate and challenge your business even further.

Cosourcing with Secure-24 offers your organization the ability to stay ahead of the curve by providing easier access to new and scalable technologies, but also it provides teams of highly specialized, experienced  and knowledgeable IT personnel to manage your environment.

Secure-24’s Managed Services approach to infrastructure and application outsourcing will help:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Provide a predictable cost model
  • Deliver greater service performance
  • Track performance against SLA metrics
  • Introduce rigorous process efficiency
  • Maximize innovation and agility
  • Deliver transparent ROI
  • Gain greater security and compliance

With numerous partnerships with other top technology leaders, Secure-24 brings you a wealth of expertise and technology to help your company grow. Leverage Secure-24’s extensive investment in technology, methodologies and people to improve performance and mitigate risk.

Because of our customers’ rigorous compliance requirements, Secure-24 is continuously audited and maintains the highest level of compliance for your business.  From Sarbanes-Oxley and FFIEC, to HIPAA, ITAR, and FISMA, we maximize every level of security to keep your data safe.

To learn more about how we designed our infrastructure with a focus on compliance, high performance and security call us today at 800-332-0076 or Contact Us.

Secure-24 is a premier provider of managed IT operations, hosting and cloud services, providing highly available environments and expert management and support for your business critical applications.