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Cloud Computing

Hosted Private Cloud Computing

Secure, reliable, and robust cloud infrastructure for the enterprise.

We provide enterprise cloud computing for global organizations in our hosted private cloud.

When you deploy on a Secure-24 hosted private cloud, you’ll benefit from lower operating costs, the flexibility to repurpose high-value IT employees, and the assurance that your solution is secure, available, and always up-to-date. Based on best-of-breed technology, Secure-24′s private cloud solution eliminates issues with aging infrastructure and frequent capital expenses for maintenance and upgrades.

You can take advantage of all the operational efficiencies and savings associated with a cloud-based environment without compromising your existing IT investments – maintain integration with your existing systems and continue the workflows that are critical to your organization’s success.

  • Savings: Lower capex, highly efficient utilization, utility model
  • Flexible: Elastic capacity, storage, availability
  • Agile: Dynamic provisioning, faster time to market
  • Secure: Comprehensive world-class security at every level
  • Trusted: Deep ERP and technical centers of excellence
  • Accountable: Customized detailed SLAs, 24×7 portal visibility

Secure-24 employs teams of the world’s best technologists – fully-dedicated to robust, efficient, and resilient infrastructures that keep Fortune 500 enterprises secure, compliant, connected, agile and flexible at all times.

We understand that IT decisions are not to be taken lightly and have a profound impact on how your entire business functions. To learn more about how a Secure-24 enterprise private cloud can deliver business value, economies of scale, and optimized service deployment, we invite you to Contact Us.