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Part 3: Is Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Changing Everything?

This is the third in a series of a three blog posts on Software-Defined Technologies, which include posts on: 1) Data Centers, 2) Storage, and 3) Networks.

Software-Defined Networking is changing everything about how networking is provisioned, monitored, and supported. At a fundamental level, SDN is changing the face of data center operations and providing new opportunities to enhance cloud computing environments, integrate with enterprise data centers, and support individual IT Outsourcing providers. (more…)

Part 2: Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is Here and Now

This is the second in a series of a three blog posts on Software-Defined Technologies, which include posts on: 1) Data Centers, 2) Storage, and 3) Networks.

Software-Defined Storage is a fundamental component of the Software-Defined Data Center.  Like SDDC, SDS abstracts storage resources to enable pooling, replication and on-demand distribution of data to multiple storage devices.  The benefits of SDS are across-the-board reduction in cost and a simplification of the storage process. (more…)

Part 1: The Software-Defined Data Center – What’s the Big Deal?

This is the first in a series of a three blog posts on Software-Defined Technologies, which include posts on: 1) Data Centers, 2) Storage, and 3) Networks.  

The world of technology, our world, loves new things.  This past year has seen a landslide of exciting and potentially game-changing innovations.  I will not tick off all the new and amazing ‘technology’ gold nuggets that have been uncovered, but you probably know most of them.  I will, however, remind you of Moore’s Law, because it is important to understand that we are living on a technological treadmill that never stops, in fact – it keeps speeding up. (more…)

What if the CEO Managed the IT Department?

Should managing an IT organization be like running a business? If you are responsible for the successful operation of an IT department, you are certainly aware of the technical demands as well as the similarities between managing an IT organization and running a business. The question is, how many CIOs actually manage their IT departments like a business? A follow up question might be, if the CEO ran the IT department, what changes would be made? (more…)

IT Outsourcing with On-Shore Benefits in 2014

What is the forecast for 2014?

All indications are that 2014 will be remarkably similar to 2013 with a couple of exceptions. ITO markets in Asia and Latin America will show double digit growth. This growth is due to a few multinational corporations expanding into these regions to leverage advantageous economic conditions for producing their particular products and help sustain their own growth. (more…)

SAP Outsourcing and the Nexus of Forces

Four broadly disruptive trends are converging, and guarantee to bring change and opportunity to the way businesses operate. These trends, collectively called the Nexus of Forces, could even cause a restructuring of the IT industry and alter how our professional and personal lives integrate. The Nexus of Forces refer to four mutually exclusive trends that are intertwined: social media, mobility, cloud computing and information. (more…)

SAP and the Value of Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is rarely understood, almost never sought after and is difficult to accept. Perhaps most importantly, disruptive innovation upsets the status quo. In the world of technology, the most disturbing aspect of disruptive innovation is that an exciting, ‘game changing’ innovation might occur, and an organization ignores it or fails to recognize it, causing that organization to fall behind and scramble to catch up. (more…)

Hot Trends to Watch in ERP

There are three major trends impacting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems today.

  • The emergence of new business models that require ERP support.
  • The broadening interest in cloud computing for ERP systems.
  • The growing need to push ERP functionality out to mobile devices.


IT Outsourcing Evolves With New Specialization Strategies

As the off-shore outsourcing landscape matures, the different attributes and skills required to satisfy all the demands of a complex enterprise may need to be acquired from different countries.  It is becoming apparent that one country or one culture may have a certain set of marketable skills, where another country or culture may possess a totally different, but equally marketable, set of skills – making specialization in outsourcing IT a strategic practice. (more…)

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